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Born in 1971 into a family of engineers, Chilean architect and artist Francisco del Rio found his true calling through a different path. Inspired by his mother, a self-taught sculptress, he defied expectations and embarked on a lifelong journey of artistic exploration.


From an early age, Francisco was captivated by the human influence on the world and the passage of time. These themes have been ever-present in his work, reflected through intricate layers that express how "the humane" interacts with and transforms everything, merging seamlessly with other elements within his creations.


With a background in architecture, Francisco founded his art studio, Art with DNA, nearly 15 years ago in Santiago, Chile. His architectural expertise informs the multifaceted installations he designs for a wide range of spaces, including hotels, offices, residences, and mixed-use complexes. Through thematic interventions, he enhances the identity of his patrons, seamlessly blending art and architecture.


As his commissions expand in scale and scope, Francisco is committed to sustainability, sourcing materials locally and utilizing recycled elements in his work. He believes that art should be both inspiring and environmentally responsible.


Currently based in Weston, Florida, USA, Francisco, a devoted family man with four children, is proud to call this vibrant community his home.

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