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4 FdelRio - Olive Ark - 2022

Francisco del Rio is a Chilean architect and artist who is best known for his large-scale installations and art interventions. He has dedicated most of his professional life to creating site-specific art projects that humanize spaces by relating the design, location and function to their inhabitants or visitors. Thus, he's been creating strategic art for architectural identity since 2006.

Together with all the commissioned pieces he's created, he has researched human interactions, digging into neuroscience, observing human behavior and investigating about his own artistic drivers. That's why in his work he uses the concept of "containers' of different sorts, filled with layers over layers of paint, very influenced by his training as an architect.

His latest works are being featured in The Gallery by Art with DNA, located in West Palm Beach, in the show called "Noah's Ark: Human Architecture".


My Journey

"Art has always been part of my life. My inspiration is to transform spaces and bring a story to life so that people can live it, breath it, experience it, allowing art to transform their every-day-life.


After spendings years painting by myself in my studio, I finally understood how critical it is for me to interact with others and bring that to my work. I became aware of the relevance of human interactions in the shaping of any reality. 


I invite you to take a tour on my website and hope you enjoy my work."

Francisco del Rio

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