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Francisco del Rio is a Chilean architect and artist who has dedicated most of his professional life to creating site-specific art projects that humanize spaces by relating the design, location and function to their inhabitants or visitors.

Born in 1971 to a family of engineers, from a very young age he found himself being constantly challenged to fit the mold set by his father and which came very natural to his three older brothers. He turned to his mother, a self-tought sculptress, where he found the inspiration to defy the expectations and follow his true calling.

From the very early years, Francisco has been fascinated by the exploration and study of the human influence and the passing of time. Both of these themes have been ever present in his work. By using layers over layers, he's managed to express how "the humain" interacts and transforms everything, blending and merging with any other element present in his work.

His degree in architecture informs the multifaceted installations he has been designing for hotels, offices, residences, and mixed-use complexes since establishing his art studio, Art with DNA, almost 15 years ago in Santiago, Chile. His comprehensive approach relates art and architecture, crystallizing around the development of thematic interventions that enhance the identity of his patrons.


As the scale and scope of commissions continue to expand, realizing his vision entails seeking out local suppliers and fabricators, believing it is critical to use sustainable methods and recycled materials.

Francisco is married and has 4 children. He has been based in Florida, USA, for the last few years and is happy to call Weston his home. 


My Journey

Art has always been part of my life. My inspiration is to transform spaces and bring a story to life so that people can live it, breath it, experience it, allowing art to transform their every-day-life. I invite you to take a tour on my website and hope you enjoy my work.

Francisco del Rio

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