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4 FdelRio - Olive Ark - 2022

Hailing from Chile, Francisco del Rio is an architect and artist renowned for his captivating large-scale installations and art interventions. Throughout his professional journey, he has consistently pursued the creation of site-specific art projects that breathe life into spaces, uniting design, location, and function with the essence of their inhabitants or visitors. His commitment to shaping architectural identity through strategic art has defined his career since 2006.

In his quest for artistic excellence, Francisco del Rio's work is deeply informed by his in-depth exploration of human interactions. Grounded in neuroscience and keen observations of human behavior, his artistic journey has led him to delve into the very essence of his creative drive. Drawing from his architectural background, he employs the concept of "containers" in his art, blending layers upon layers of paint to craft narratives that speak to the depths of the human experience.

Currently, his latest creations are showcased at The Gallery by Art with DNA, nestled in the vibrant heart of West Palm Beach. The exhibition, "Noah's Ark: Human Architecture," presents an exciting and thought-provoking window into his ever-evolving artistic vision.


My Journey

"Art has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. My true inspiration lies in the transformation of spaces, the creation of living stories that people can immerse themselves in, breathe, and experience. Through my art, I aim to bring a touch of magic to the canvas of everyday life, allowing each individual to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.


After years of solitary work in my studio, I've come to realize the profound significance of human interaction in shaping the very fabric of reality. It's not enough for me to paint in isolation; I need the vibrant interplay of perspectives, emotions, and ideas to infuse life into my work.


I invite you to embark on a journey through my website, where you'll find my creations, each a piece of my heart and a brushstroke of my soul. As you explore, I hope you'll discover the stories I've woven into my art and feel the resonance they hold with your own experiences. Together, let's bridge the gap between the ordinary and the extraordinary through the lens of art.


Thank you for joining me on this artistic voyage."

Francisco del Rio

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