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Beautiful painting by Francisco del Rio

Ark in Pale
65" x 65" 
Acrylic and charcoal on canvas

“I have been forever fascinated by the exploration and study of human influence and the passing of time. Both themes have been ever present in my work. By using layers over layers of paint or material, I’ve managed to express how "the humane" interacts and transforms everything, blending and merging with any other element present in my work.

After spending years painting by myself in my studio, I finally understood how critical it is for me to interact with others and bring that to my work. I became aware of the relevance of human interactions in the shaping of any reality. My formal training as an architect is ever present in my work too. So even though I have transited during the years from one theme to another, these are two very distinctive matters that have always been present.

Noah's Ark is a fusion of several elements: architecture, machine, human being. It is full of everything, and everything is intimately connected to everything else. As in life, we go in a boat where everything we do affects others. And who we are is affected by others.

This humanized architecture (the "Ark") also contains time. Each layer of paint remains as a record of time: every time I face the canvas, I respond to what is already recorded in it. And so, each layer is influenced by the previous one. It's a record of a dialogue I have with the painting.

This series is very influenced by my own migrating experience - having arrived in the US in 2020, and how interacting with people from other parts of the world in a new scenario, can mold the way I react to the painted canvas.”

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